Say Goodbye to Auto-Advancing Snapchat Stories

A new snapchat update? You know I had to write a blog post to keep you all in the loop! You can say goodbye to auto-advancing/playing stories and say hello to story playlists! 

The new update released on Oct. 11, 2016 allows users to watch stories one at a time, or play them in any order you wish.  Here's how you can use the new update.


Now you can watch all of your favorite friends on Snapchat one after another! If we're not friends on Snapchat yet, what are you waiting for?! Add me: sophieofkors


Enjoy the new update and happy snapping! 

--Sophie from So Gold Marketing 

You Can Now Save Drafts on Instagram — Step by Step Instructions

We’ve all been through it. We get the *perfect* edits on our Instagram picture but decided to wait and post it later. Instead of having to re-edit the photo again once we’re ready to post, we can now save the edits as a draft! Ah convenience, something we all love.


  1. Edit your photo. You can even stop mid-post and finish the edits later.
  2. Press the back button/arrow

3. Choose “Save Draft” and it’ll appear in your draft library like so.


4. Your drafts will appear in your Instagram drafts library (see below). Choose the photo to open it back up again!



Tag me, @SophieOfKors so I can see your posts!

— Sophie B.

Twitter Relaxes the 140 Character Limit

Twitter announced today that photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets will no longer count toward your 140 character limit!


Since Twitter says they’re “rolling out” this update, don’t worry if you aren’t able to tweet your photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quote tweets with 140 characters remaining. You’ll be able to in no time!

Happy tweeting! :)

How To Get A Contact Button On Instagram | Step by Step with Photos

You may have noticed some profiles having a contact button on their Instagram accounts and thought, “How do I get one?!” As of right now, it’s only available for businesses & organizations. You will need to switch your current Instagram account into a business account. Are you excited? I am! It’s FREE and super easy to do. Here’s a step by step with photos:

Step 1: Go to your profile, click on settings.


Step 2: Click “Switch to Business Profile”


Step 3: Click Continue. It will connect to your business profile on Facebook.


Step 4: Add your business contact information and you’re DONE!


You have successfully made your Instagram into a business profile!

Now that you have a business profile, you can take advantage of all the features to grow your business.


Viewing Insights: top posts, followers, website clicks, impressions and reach.

Promoting Posts — Instagram made it very easy to pick and choose what you want on your ad.

Happy Instagramming! I hope this helped. Share with a friend who has not setup their business profile yet!